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Day Dreamer


My name is Lucas Nasson Kim & I am a believer.

I believe miracles are unexpected dreams that do come to reality. I was born in Brazil, in a beautiful city called São Paulo. At a very young age, I was what you consider a “daydreamer”. Many of these dreams were translated through comical drawings and odd superhero plays that led me to believe I would become a great filmmaker one day.

When I was 14, due to my father’s call in life, my family moved to the United States, where many of my dreams took a different route and shape. Having the privilege of meeting brilliant and influential people throughout my life, I was fortunate enough to be guided by this indescribable divine road; a road where everything fell into place without accordance to my planned agenda.

This sums up most of my life. I know I am not in control. But at least, I am enjoying the ride.



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Some selected accolades


2009 Cannes Advertising Festival Bronze Lion (Six Scents Case Study)

2008 TDC, 87th Annual Art Directors Club awards (Newwork Magazine N°1)

Graphic Hug Spotlight Designer Profile Interview

2013 Site Inspire Favorite Pick (Tudor Watch Website Recognition)

Design Book “Black & White & Grey” Work Selection

Fubiz (Work Highlight)

Form Fifty Five (Work Highlight)

Aisle One (Work Highlight)

Change the Thought (Work Highlight)

Vi.sualize (Work Highlight)

Pichaus (Work Highlight)

The Artist and His Model (Work Highlight)

FFFound (Work Highlight) (Work Highlight)

Swiss Miss (Work Highlight)