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Day Dreamer


My name is Lucas Nasson Kim & I am a believer.

I believe miracles are unexpected dreams that do come to reality. I was born in Brazil, in a beautiful city called São Paulo. At a very young age, I was what you consider a “daydreamer”. Many of these dreams were translated through comical drawings and odd superhero plays that led me to believe I would become a great filmmaker one day.

When I was 14, due to my father’s call in life, my family moved to the United States, where many of my dreams took a different route and shape. Having the privilege of meeting brilliant and influential people throughout my life, I was fortunate enough to be guided by this indescribable divine road; a road where everything fell into place without accordance to my planned agenda.

This sums up most of my life. I know I am not in control. But at least, I am enjoying the ride.



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Some selected accolades


2009 Cannes Advertising Festival Bronze Lion (Six Scents Case Study)

2008 TDC, 87th Annual Art Directors Club awards (Newwork Magazine N°1)

Graphic Hug Spotlight Designer Profile Interview

2013 Site Inspire Favorite Pick (Tudor Watch Recognition)

Design Book Black & White & Grey (Work Selections)


Form Fifty Five

Aisle One

Change the Thought



The Artist and His Model


Swiss Miss